Add shortcut to your smartphone

You can add a shortcut to this website to the home screen of your smartphone by following these steps:


Visit on your phone
Click on this icon at the bottom the screen: iPhone shortcut icon

If you have an older iPhone, the icon will look like this: Bookmark icon iPhone

Choose the option “Add to home screen”
You’ll then see a shortcut appear on your iPhone’s home screen.

Android phone

Visit our website at on your phone
Add a bookmark for our website
Go to the home screen you want to add the link to
Long-press in an empty space to bring up the “Add to Home Screen” menu
Select “Shortcuts”
Select “Bookmark” and choose the bookmark you just created


Visit our website at on your Blackberry
Press the Blackberry shortcut key key and select ‘Add to home screen’
You can change the name of the shortcut by typing a new name
You can add the shortcut to your Favourites panel by selecting the mark as favourite checkbox.