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AntibioticsOverview of antibioticsProvides a general overview on the uses, general considerations, side effects, interactions and antibiotic resistance.
Antimicrobial resistanceUp to 1 in 5 antibiotics may be prescribed inappropriatelyA summary of a UK study which found that 1 in 5 antibiotics may be prescribed inappropriately.
Antimicrobial resistanceWhy wasn't I prescribed antibiotics?Article authored by Dr Mary Harding explaining why a GP may choose not to prescribe antibiotics.
Antimicrobial resistanceWhy antibiotics shouldn't be overused?Article written by Dr Sarah Jarvis explaining how overuse of antibiotics can contribute to antimicrobial resistance.
Antimicrobial resistanceAntimicrobial resistance what you can do?A video explaining how overuse of antibiotics may contribute to more deaths around operations in the future.
Antimicrobial resistanceTrue Life Stories: From Patients to DoctorsSome shore video clips of people explaining how antibiotics have helped them treat or prevent serious infections.
Antimicrobial resistanceThe Bella Moss FoundationIf you're a pet owner, have a look to learn about hygiene and prudent antibiotic use in pets.
Self-careSelf-care Student's AppESC Student is a free app developed by ESC (Expert Self Care) to help improve student health and increase health literacy among young people
Self-careStay well this winterNHS information on how to stay well this winter.
Self-careWhen will I feel better?PDF leaflet explaining how long symptoms may last for some common illnesses and how to self-treat.
Self-careTreat yourself better with pharmacist adviceWebsite with information on how to self-care if you are suffering with cold or flu like symptoms.
Self-careThe battle against flu and coldsLeaflet explaining how long flu symptoms are expected to last and what you can do
ChildrenGetting better without antibioticsVideo for parents explaining how to care for children with cold symptoms
Childrene-BugFun games and teaching resources about microbes and antibiotics
ChildrenSuperbugs and Bacteria CombatLinks to two games teaching children about antimicrobial resistance.
ChildrenAdvice on treating cough and cold in childrenLeaflet from PAGB


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