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Managing asthma in children –  information for parents, carers and family members

Managing asthma in children – Patient Information Leaflet

Right Breathe

The Right Breathe website contains details of all the inhalers and spacers available for asthma and COPD.


Paraffin-containing skin preparations (emollients)


BBC News Health has recently highlighted the dangers of using paraffin-containing skin preparations whilst smoking or using naked flames. For further information see this document and leaflet which include advice for both healthcare professionals and patients.


Mental Health

We know that some medicines are associated with an increase in saliva (spit). Here are some tips for helping to deal with this handy factsheet hypersalivation

Some people who are prescribed a medicine called melatonin MR or Circadin® are told to crush the tablets. Here is an information sheet on how to crush the tablets Advice on crushing Circadin tablets

For more information on mental health conditions, treatments and medications, please click on the link to the South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust Pharmacy Service Website



Information for girls and women taking any medicines containing Valproate


Generic and biosimilar medicines

What do we mean by ‘generic medicine’ and ‘biosimilar medicine’?

When a new medicine becomes available for the first time it is given a brand name (also called trade name or proprietary name). This name and the product are protected by a patent. This is a legal arrangement which prevents other manufacturers from making or selling the same medicine for a number of years. Once the patent has come to an end, other manufacturers can make a similar product, called a generic.

For more information click the link


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NHS Choices

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)

Department of Health

Yellow card to report side effects from medicines or defective medicines

electronic Medicines Compendium (eMC) for patient information leaflets about medicines

Words and abbreviations often used in prescribing and healthcare