Local Antimicrobial Guidelines

The following guidelines have been developed in consultation with both primary and secondary care practitioners, and are based on recent nationally approved guidance.

This supersedes our local primary care guidelines.  As NICE/PHE have not completed all sections yet, we will continue to use local guidelines for those sections.




SubjectInformation or linkAPC Date
(n) = New
(a) = Amendment
AzithromycinAzithromycin guidance1st May 2019 (n)
31st July 2019 (a)
ConjunctivitisPublic Health England does not recommend an exclusion period from school, nursery or childminders except if an outbreak or cluster of cases occurs
Prevention of a secondary case of invasive meningococcal, haemophilus influenzae or Group A streptococcal diseaseRefer to the West Yorkshire health protection team:
0113 386 0300 or out of hours 0114 304 9843
Prevention of secondary case of meningitisOnly prescribe if advised to by local health protection specialist/consultant.
Contact Public Health England on 0113 386 0300. Out of hours call 0114 304 9843 and ask for public health on-call
SalmonellaMost cases are mild and self-limiting. Seek advice from a microbiologist if treatment considered
Surgical site infections treatment optionsSurgical site infections