Commissioning statements

Commissioning statement tracker (last updated December 2018)

APC commissioning statement decision making criteria September 2013

Commissioning Statement Process – updated August 2018

Commissioning Position – Flash Glucose Monitoring Systems – November 2018

The expected cost of the Flash Glucose Monitoring Systems to the NHS is over £900 per patient per year of continuous use compared with £360 – £650 per patient per year for finger pricking (based on testing 4-8 times per day). Therefore, it is currently unaffordable and unsustainable to make it available for all people with diabetes.

Bradford City and Districts CCGs, Calderdale CCG, Greater Huddersfield CCG, North Kirklees CCG and Wakefield CCG and local diabetes specialists have agreed which groups of patients would gain most health benefit from using Flash Glucose Monitoring Systems, whilst keeping it affordable for the NHS.

Flash Glucose Monitoring Systems  are routinely commissioned for adult and child patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus in certain circumstances. These criteria can be found in the Commissioning Statement Tracker above. Requests for other patients, who exhibit exceptionality, will need to go through the IFR process. GPs should NOT initiate any prescriptions for Flash Glucose Monitoring Systems.

Items which should not routinely be prescribed in Primary Care: Guidance for CCGs

Following the publication of the above NHSE guidance to CCGs; the SWYAPC CCGs intend to commission in line with the guidance and align the Commissioning Statements.

The SWYAPC have produced a letter to inform Community Pharmacies in Bradford, Calderdale, Kirklees and Wakefield of the local plans regarding the NHSE guidance.