Antibiotic resources for parents and patients

How long do illnesses usually last?

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Antibiotics may not always be the answer. Have a look at these other resources.

Fact sheets

Cough in Adults                                Sore Throat                               Middle ear infection

Common cold (adults)                      Acute sinusitis (adults)         Fever in children


Self Care Leaflets and Websites                                                      

The battle against flu and colds

Advice on treating cough and cold in children

Help us, help you: Help us help you leaflet.

Audio, sign language and large print versions are available from here.

Stay well this winter website. Community pharmacy over-the-counter products website

When will I feel better? – guide to how long symptoms may last and how to self-treat

Treat yourself better with pharmacist advice

What works for treating children’s colds?

Germ Defence

Can your pharmacist help with your symptoms? Poster


NHS Choices:

Overview of antibiotics

Up to 1 in 5 antibiotics may be prescribed inappropriately

Five ways to stay healthy this winter

Common cold

Sore throat

Ear infections


Patient Info:

Why wasn’t I prescribed antibiotics?

Why antibiotics shouldn’t be overused


How to wash your hands

Washing your hands properly with soap and warm water is the single most important thing you can do to help reduce the spread of infections and help protect you, your family and those around you. Show your children and grandchildren the cartoon in the link below.

A video on how to wash your hands and a children’s cartoon on hand-washing are available from this Scottish website.



Public – Antimicrobial resistance what you can do?

Keep antibiotics working

When it comes to antibiotics take your doctor’s advice

Important message for you and your family

Getting better without antibiotics

Antibiotic resistance – keep antibiotics working in operations

True Life Stories: From Patients to Doctors

CATCH – film about a fictional father and daughter in a future world when antibiotics are useless

Antibiotics with Dr Ranj – For older people

Antibiotics don’t cure colds

Take care, not antibiotics

Will you be an Antibiotic Guardian?:

With subtitles:


Sneezing panda


 Quiz and crossword

A quiz from Antibiotic Guardian

A crossword from Antibiotic Guardian